Is there a party downtown? If you’re thinking of attending but aren’t in the mood for alcohol, try gulping down some virgin tipples. Whether you’re a teetotaler or have just decided to take a trip down sober lane, you don’t need alcohol to quench your thirst. Socializing can sometimes be annoying if you need to hold in a drink or two, just to fit in. But who cares about what you’re drinking as long as it’s not a glass of water? You may be willing to pass off the booze and skip some intense hangovers but that doesn’t mean you can’t party – just don’t settle for a plain old soda.

Whether you’re gulping down a fruity punch or engaging your palate in some sherbet business, there’s always place for people who don’t want a regular bottle of wine. A good host might stack the fridge with cartons of beer, but a great host will pack in recipes for even our sober lads so here’s a peek at some non-alcoholic pitchers –

Three in One – Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Do you remember those miniature coconut trolleys, on the streets? For once, you gulp down coconut water with a tincture of lavender essence. And what’s more? Add some lemonade, just without the soda, in a refreshing new drink. Right from freshly squeezed lemons to homemade coconut water, even a tiny hint of lavender syrup should shake these ingredients into a perfect blend.

Sunday Bloody Sunday – Blood Orange Punch

Is your weekend open for fruit-picking? With seasonal fruits pouring in, it’s time to make your holiday escapades all the more exciting. And if you love blood oranges, then a glass of this old school punch will surely bring back some memories. Blood orange juice is the perfect holiday sipper for people who’re abstaining from alcohol. That citrus pinch in the taste buds feels quite refreshing, don’t you think?

Let’s Do It North-Indian Style – Cold Lassi

“Lassi do Lassi, abhi hum nahin hain assi” – It may be a wee-bit traditional, but a glass of this chilled milky drink is perfect for those still recovering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The best part – it can be fused with dry fruits, fresh yogurt and even a tad bit of mint. You can try my grandmother’s recipe with a hint of ‘Kesar’ in your lassi or what is known as saffron threads.

Cucumber Mint Spritzer – Ah, the subtle flavors!

For those of you who love experimenting with flavors, here’s my tangy tip for the day, try a homemade spritzer. Cucumber is a wonderful addition for your summer sipping selection, especially if you can mix it with a grated mint and a sophisticated basil garnish. A fancy glass of ice cubes tipped inside this zingy drink is sure to get the freak out of you.

Apple, Elder flower and Mint Sparkle – Herbal Fantasy

Remember how we loved the sparkling taste of champagne? This summer drink is simple to make and brings a classic touch to your bar. Just make a blend of apple juice, add a spoon of Elder flower cordial and top it off with a trace of fresh mint.

Rochester Ginger – Mate, is that ginger in my ale?

Chuck the beer, and make a sprint for a cup of warm ginger ale, a perfect virgin alternative – if you’re not in the tropics but in a much colder place. Don’t be surprised if you actually find it at a party because it has beautiful, subtle taste. Rochester ginger can get a bit zingy on the edges for first timers but its just the right jolt to ignite your weary bones.

Hot Spiced Cider – Fiery Tongue Twisters

I take a guilt-free trip with this drink just to feel more at home! Warm, wholesome and soothing to the palate, hot spiced cider is a wonderful drink for those who’re tired of a hard hitting beverage. Break the ice with this simple mix of apple cider and brown sugar, that can be heated on a saucepan.