The Hindi film celebrities are prone to appear woebegone and dour while pouring their hearts out about their struggling days. Their rags to riches stories are inspirational and schmaltzy in equal measure.

However, sometimes beneath their emotional palpability and overlong speeches, lies the truth. A truth they never want to be exposed or excavated. Alas, one actor has been unmasked by her own school colleague, who has made some startling revelations about her lies.

To take the lid off, the actor in question is Parineeti Chopra, who recently graced an event with Akshay Kumar and spoke about the vitality of the need of self-defence for the female sex.

Talking about the menace of eve-teasing, Parineeti stated how she was eve-teased by some promiscuous and licentious men while travelling to school on a bicycle. They gazed at her short skirt and passed some garish remarks. However, a friend of hers from school, Kkanoo Gupta, begs to differ and has posted something on his Facebook profile.

After returning to the city of Mumbai, the first thing Chopra did was to clarify the unintentional controversy that had sparkled on the social media. Taking to her Twitter account, the actor wrote-