Today I am writing a post as a common woman and not as a reporter. Ola has been a disaster in terms of service. After multiple complaints and issues they provide for few days they provide okay service but never a excellent and great service.

Once couple of days passes they start their regular drama. The drivers and customers are frustrated with the regular routes, drives and complaints yet no change in Ola services. I have been quiet from couple of days ignoring the issues. I have been booking cabs around 9 and once I get the cab the cab does not start because it is before time I really do not understand what logic they have in starting the cab late. Though I got the cab I was away from Station and I had almost crossed more than 2 kilometers and there comes a another booking back to the same place. I had to travel 4 kilometers  extra.

People who stay near by half a kilometer away from their homes they have roamed 6 kilometers in the city. The drivers are helpless too and they follow the maps and however system guides they follow it. After complaining today I received calls from Ola 3 times. Manoj the supervisor from the safety team informs me that the long route issue complaint was taken two days back. I was like are you serious it was taken two days back. I did not want to listen to their scripted dialogue and wanted to know what improvements and changes have been done and they refused to share it.

It clearly shows how unprofessional they are and they do not bother about their customers. Every customer and driver is angry with them and they still do not care after repeated complaints. Their service is pathetic and after I showed my anger multiple times and repeated complaints I hope something will be taken into consideration.

An appeal to Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati Please improve customer service and provide proper routes while picking up customers in share booking. You guys have been the worst in terms of service. If you provide good service you will get more customers and I will be one of them to tell the benefits about it more.

Bhavish Agarwal I must say you are a dumb head from IIT and if you cannot provide distinctive service to your customers shut down your business and join back Microsoft from where you came. I take a pledge that if services are improved and I see services are better I will refer more customers and if I do not see any improvement I will make sure that you lose more customers and post the disadvantages about you all over the media.

Team Ola the ball is in your court whether you want to retain customers or lose customers. I will not mind teaching you folks about customer service. Please feel free to take suggestions and implement it if you cannot implement it do not trouble the customer always if the same issues keep repeating please shut down your business and let other cab companies launch like Reliance and I assure you they will provide a better service than Ola.

All the best to team Ola.