If I got to see, my favourite show would be the Friends but I don’t want to write about it as it is very cliché nowadays , so I write about Narcos. Yes, the very crude and raw Pablo Escobar, The Columbian version of Faizal from Gangs of Wasseypur, but tougher and hot. Giggling, no? Ok

The very show has its own spark and a peculiar audience, not many of my friends liked it too, its very factual and realistic than we usually see. And also the way Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro have created the show is abysmal, in a good way, its also been nominated for the Golden Globe, Emmy, People’s choice, British Academy Television Awards. The story is real for those who don’t know and it has a very good plot line of how a simple boy, from his childhood, observing in his surroundings that his violence is appreciated and grows up to become a Drug Dealer played by Wagner Moura. It is taken by the story of Medellin drug cartel ‘ Narcos’ revolving around the life of Pablo Escobar , Columbia. How the DEA, works is remarkable , their plans to catch Pablo, just blow us up with the plan reaching Pablo before DEA catches him and he runs away. It has a subtle start with some instrumental unless Breaking Bad is bitchen, it is like really cool. But Narcos is suave, he just paves the way. His personal life, how charming he is with the women in his life, the show wholly supports the character, you don’t feel like he should die. His relationship with his wife is the one you read in Robert Frost’s Poetries. His mother shows how confident and supportive and caring she is for her son. His love towards his children will get you to ask for his mercy. But his extra marital affairs, one night stands, and what he is outside will make you want to kill him. That’s the magic, His character at home and friends is rubber and the one outside professional is like glue.
One cant just get enough that this show is practically over, but it will now bring on new characters and bring in more information . But the Pablo series will be the bestest of all and also best of a biopic series made , there cant be one unlike this .