Making a film that offers a tribute to the greatest dancing sensation Michael Jackson is a novel idea. The challenge lies in finding an actor who can be the quintessential hero, effortlessly bending like a curve and scintillating the screen with blazing screen presence and gobsmacking dancing skills. Hrithik Roshan, you may say, but he has begun to look jaded and that shows in his recent appearances. We need someone younger, fresher and more vibrant and sparkling. Who better than Tiger Shroff, then ?

Yes, Shroff Jr.’s next, titled Munna Michael, as the name evinces, is an ode to his idol, both in the reel and real. The trailer has enough thrills and exhilarating dance pieces that could give the makers of the ABCD franchise a run for their money.

However, Shroff spouting those Tapori dialogues which Shroff Sr. nailed with impeccable perfection, gave a rather queer feeling. But as the film is helmed on the emotion of dance, one can always count on the actor to deliver enough bang for our bucks. Wait, there’s more. We have Siddiqui as a dreaded gangster from Delhi, but we simultaneously get to see his nonchalant and unapologetic demeanor when he yearns to learn how to shake a leg.

Directed by Sabir Khan, who helmed Heropanti and Baaghi, Munna Michael is a concoction of Dance, Deception and Dreams. I’m looking forward to checking this one out for the camaraderie between Shroff and Siddiqui. One teaches the other how to dance, he may teach him how to act.

We’ll figure it out on the 21st July, 2017.