A blunder at the right moment is better than cleverness at the wrong time.
Carolyn Wells 
Well, well, the above quote doesn’t quite fit into what can be called as the Biggest Blunder in the History of Academy Awards.
In an evening filled with merriment, vogue and worthy wins, one faux changed the course of the entire glorious night.
We all know how enchanting and enthralling was the experience of witnessing the beauty and magic of La La Land,¬†almost everyone’s Favorite Film of the evening. However, an equally captivating and magnetic film, Moonlight, was in the running.
It all came down to the award the entire world was waiting for- THE ACADEMY AWARD FOR THE BEST FILM. Warren Beatty, the star of such films like Bonnie and Clyde Heaven can Wait, was the presenter. Then, the unimaginable happened. The actor/filmmaker mistakingly announced La La Land as the Best Motion Picture instead of Moonlight.
Everyone in the auditorium was in a State of Shock and Flabbergast.But as someone once remarked- To err is to human. La La Land swept away as many as six Oscars and Moonlight grabbed three.
Overall, it was an incredibly satisfying and entertaining event, with Trump being the butt of almost all the jokes. And now, perhaps Beatty.