In just 46 seconds of its running time, the teaser of Sridevi’s MOM reveals a lot, yet it reveals nothing. Bathed in noir, the film seems to be a mother’s search for her daughter. Where is she? Who’s aware about her whereabouts? Is she even alive? All these mysteries will be unraveled on the 14th of July, when it opens at the cinemas.

What’s even more exciting is the ensemble MOM has to offer. With Sridevi in the lead, the movie also stars Akshaye Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in poignant roles.

As the teaser is about to end, the leading lady asks us a crucial question- “Agar galat aur bahut galat mein se chunna ho toh aap kise chunnenge?”

With so much complexities in the first promo itself, we cannot wait what will happen in the trailer.