USS Stethem (DDG 63) destroyer vessel arrives at a military port for an official visit, in Shanghai, China, November 16, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer CHINA OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN CHINA – RTS7BHM

The PLA navy is looking forward to securing significant funds in the upcoming Chinese budget to counter the US dominance in high seas.  China is desperate to show off their power across the world in lieu of recent announcement of by the US President Donald Trump promising US ship building spree and his approach towards South and East China Sea.

PLA navy has always been the biggest beneficiaries of China’s Defence budget for many years now however,  this year it is even more important for them to claim a larger share due to this major change in the US policy for South and East China Sea after Trump’s arrival.

We hope to see new developments in the coming months as more announcements come from China and US in regards to their policy for trade. Quiet evidently, we can safely assume the Marine race to conquer the world has already begun between China & US.