David Bowie’s Dreamy Song is Elon Musk’s Exciting Reality!

David Bowie once crooned;

Is there life on Mars?

David Bowie
If there is; let it please be David Bowie!

Well according to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk;

It might just be us!

The world renowned inventor and futurist is well aware of the audacious sci-fi movie esque plan he has in mind.

But he sticks by it.

Musk has highlighted a detailed blueprint for what could eventually see at least a million people or more make the transition from Earth to Mars.

The inhospitable planet, is the least of his worries.

Naturally, of course because he is;

Musk and Mars
The new age Columbus!

The Elon Musk!

While SpaceX recently had a set back in terms of a rocket launch test that went haywire;

Musk wasn’t deterred as he took to stage in Mexico to outline his idea and capture the audience’s attention.

At the International Austronautical Congress in Mexico last year; Musk spoke briefly about the possibilities of an extinction event soon in Humanity’s future.

His fears that in one form on another, the world is set to end isn’t something new that he or others have stated.

However it has been a raging debate, ever since theories of our existence have come to fore and history has proven humanities inability to learn from its mistakes.

As such Musk details that the flights to Mars and the mission of colonization, is vital in backing up our species for a brighter future.

It is one he believes that we will come to see in fruition, during our lifetime and not some futuristic wet dream.

Musk’s main objective is to make sure that affordability is the key in his plans.

He details that it will at least take $200,00 per person for the mission to be achieved, this is the average price of accommodation in the States.

Elon Musk and SpaceX
SpaceX and Elon Musk are at the center of humanities progress into an uncertain future!

SpaceX is fast moving towards the development of this concept, established last year.

Musk believes that the weight and cost of fuel could cause issues to the launch, and instead proposed the use of Methane found predominantly on Mars.

Thus allowing the planet to sustain travel itself.

This runs in line with many experts theories to either turn our species into a Multi-Planetary beings or instead/also utilize space mining programs;

To use resources from outside and in turn preserve Earth’s valuable natural resources.

SpaceX is dedicating resources to the Mars program, including opening new positions for hiring at this very moment.

As soon as September 2017; the world could be witnessing SpaceX’s plans in motion. With their latest Falcon Heavy system set to launch!

The Martian
As long as we don’t get lost like Matt Damon!

This system could end up sending paying customers on a trip around the moon.

A few years down the line who knows, we could end up becoming Aliens and neighbors on Mars!

With that, a new generation of rock stars will sing;

Is there life [anymore] on Earth?!