Yesterday’s Sunday in history might be remembered for Team India’s first knockout loss against Pakistan, in a World Cricket tournament;

World Sauntering Day
Just Relax! Keep Calm and…keep calm!

But today is a fresh day and with it, it brings historic memories that have stood the test of time.

Politics and crime so intricately linked, made the headlines at home and around the world on this day.

Where one empire was born, another fell but the reigns of both decisions were held in the might of its enigmatic and ruthless leaders.

The Army of Shiv Rises

on June 19th 1966,

Cartoonist Bal Thackeray, disenchanted by the magic of Mumbai and passionate about his very own’s misfortunes in the city;

Shiv Sena Logo
Shiv Sena Logo

Established the now infamous Shiv Sena party.

The political outfit was founded on the notion, that it would fight for the rights of the locals of Maharashtra who faced poverty and loss of jobs;

Against immigrants from outside of the state.

The ruthless iron fist method by which the senior Thackeray led his party, proved to be effective especially among a public looking for resolution to their problems.

The far-right party has often faced criticism for its extremist views, something Bal Thackeray was proud of; believing in the ideologies of Fascism.

Since its inception, it has gained a mass following in the state; the party looking to establish itself around the country.

It’s pro-Maharashtra stance evolving into one of a Hindutva ideology that has seen it rise to power, alongside with its collaborations with BJP.

Bal Thackeray
The Saffron Power Behind Shiv Sena; Bal Thackeray

Shiv Sena’s revolutionary beginnings have sparked it into a ruthless side that has taken some violent measures to rise and stay in power.

Its effectiveness for its own and supporters can always be brought into question, as with any political side.

However Shiv Sena stands staunch as a symbol perhaps of the pervading right wing Hindu nationalist politics, that has taken the Nation by hold in the past years.


El Patron Forfeits

From one morally grey leader of the people, to another.

Narcos Still
El Patron Sauntering with Style on Netflix, Narcos

Ever since Netflix original Narcos took the world by storm, Pablo Escobar has re-entered the lexicon of world Pop culture.

The drug lord was an imposing figure in his heydays, becoming the most influential and wealthy drug lords.

On the eve of this day and the beginning of the next, in 1991;

Pablo Escobar, after leading the police on an intense seven year manhunt decided to surrender.

He did so, as anyone in his power and status could with conditions.

Urged by his priest father, Escobar gave in; stating it as a decision for the betterment of Colombia.

He pleaded for leniency in drug related charged and prevention of an extradition treaty between Colombia and the USA.

Escobar made sure that the Colombian government pass the legislation to legalize a non-extradition policy between the USA, before announcing his surrender.

Pablo Escobar Mugshot
Pablo played the government just as he had done the world, surrendering to his own turn

Even in captivity, Escobar remained a pampered figure; spending his time in a luxurious prison house with an opportunity to find a reduced sentence.

As was expected, he continued to prove his influence over the crime ridden Colombia.

Having to escape prison, when the Government decided to take ruthless action;

Escobar became an outcast, escaping the authorities until his death on 2nd December 1993.

By then a pariah of the society, Escobar had gained notoriety among the people.

A twisted Robin Hood tale came to its key climactic downfall today.

To this and more of the history of today!