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National Eat Your Vegetable Day
Have a Veggie Day!

Today is a significant day like any other in the history of the world.

From famous Birthdays such as Barry Manilow to Venus Williams, to mourning unfortunate losses such as of Rodney King to…

This one woman who in her death ended up epitomizes the ideas of love.

A Palace for Star Crossed Love

On 17th June 1631,

The Mughal Empire was reigning strong.

Staunch stood its leader Shah Jahan, who reigned with an iron fist.

However inside, his beating heart was breaking to pieces!

After all, his wife; the woman he absolutely loved beyond anything was struggling to give birth to his daughter; Gauhara Begum.

In that struggle, the angelical Mumtaz lost her life.

As is known, the shattered Shah Jahan refused to fall to pieces but his volcanic turmoil was etched in history in the form of the greatest monument to ‘undying love’:

Taj Mahal
The Ultimate Image of Love and Romance; Waah Taj!

The Taj Mahal.

To this day, his sign of his love holds strong and has become a sight that India is above everything else known for.

Lovers, tourists, humans who can empathize with this genuine expression come from all over the world; to witness this marvel.

The Taj Mahal became an expression of romance.

For that we have a tragic heart break to thank,

One that we all can identify with.

The woman behind the Taj Mahal is an enigma to many, today we try and decode that.

By doing so, we honor her memory and most importantly enrich the story of the Taj.

Mumtaz despite being revered by her husband, so much so he trusted her with the prized Imperial Seal;

Faced terrible heart ache with the death of at least seven of her fourteen children either at child birth or a young age.

It was in fact Shah Jahan gave her the name ‘Mumtaz Mahal’ Begum which means; Chosen one of the palace.

Indeed many cherish the beauty of the Taj Mahal, let us also remember the woman who was cherished enough to inspire this beauty.

Run of His Life

Last year’s most popular television show and documentary featured on one similar topic;

The life and murder case against O.J. Simpson.

The individual pieces which examined the case, racial issues of that time as well as Simpson himself kicked into high gear (just like the actual case) with the infamous;

O.J. Simpson highway chase.

OJ Simpson Highway Chase!
Bronco Highway chase that made the OJ Simpson trial a phenomenon!

The chase which began after Simpson left a suicide note, saw the notorious ex-football player escape on a white bronco across the highway.

He was being chased by the Police for a lengthy period, after he threatened to kill himself as he ran away from the accusations laid against him;

Earlier, Simpson had been charged with the double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman.

It was a shocking case of violent crime, that permeated across the country as well as the world.

As debate raged on regarding celebrities in the media, the justice system as well as race.

Tension mounted on the road as well.

For some O.J Simpson became a hero, for others a victim, for some an awful man.

To this day, the truth is somewhere in the grey.

That was the beauty (if we may say so) of the O.J Simpson case.

It became such a media frenzy, that it changed the face of trials, justice and law in the world.

The trial became the kick-starter for what is now known as media trials, that began to change and influence the way we saw and questioned the justice system;

For the better or worse.

And it all began with one crazy highway chase!