A few years ago, I read a joke on twitter which actually wasn’t a joke but a significant question- Which is that Imtiaz Ali film where the protagonists coincidentally meet, spend a lot of time together, travel around and fall in love?

With a penchant for placing his hero and heroine against the backdrop of luscious locales and eye-watering cinematography, Ali knows how to create exhilarating moments. Another queer characteristic about him is his proclivity for Hinglish titles. Why Jab We Met and not When We Met or Jab Hum Mien, and why Love Aajkal and not Pyaar Aajkal? Maybe the conocotion of Hindi and English in movie titles generates a sense of intrigue among the cine-goers.

So this intrigue stays intact as his new film, staring Anushka Sharma and Shahrukh Khan, finally finds a title that hinges on the aforementioned observation. Here it goes- Jab Harry Met Sejal. Quite an exciting mix of Jab We Met and When Harry Met Sally.

As far as the poster goes, SRK is bathed in jubilation and jollity and Sharma is equally relishing the raptures life has to offer. But if you meticulously monitor, the other half of the title is misplaced, it lies in the other poster. Well, this is indeed a quirky fashion to promulgate your arrival.

However, wouldn’t it be more attractive to release the posters of the protagonists
seriatim? Jab Harry, featuring the gallant leading man, and Met Sejal with the fascinating and feisty female lead. Well, this is Imtiaz Ali for you, and don’t miss the names of multiple countries written on the first poster. Be prepared to embark on a yet another travel-brochuresque cinematic experience on the 11th of August.