Actors need a kind of aggression, a kind of inner force. Don’t be only one-sided, sweet, nice, good. Get rid of being average. Find the killer in you.

Today, Mr. Anupam Kher completes 62 glorious years of his life. A doyen of Hindi cinema and possibly one of the most dynamic and dazzling actors to grace the celluloid, Mr. Kher has stared in over 500 films and been a recipient of the National Award for the Best Actor twice, for Daddy and Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Maara. 
A career spanning over 33 years, it shall not only be complicated but almost unfair to designate his 4 most powerful performances, but these extraordinary characters and films still remain my most memorable cinematic experiences. So here’s shortlisting the Best of Anupam Kher-
4. KARMA (1986)
Kher was only two years old in the industry when he was pitied against Dilip Kumar. Essaying the role of the antagonist, Dr. Dang, the actor unapologetic-ally played it to the gallery and gave Hindi Cinema a villain we reviled and relished in equal measure. Short but savage, Bald but bad-ass, it’s an eternal negative character that continues to illicit both fear and fascination in the viewers.
A middle-class family’s simple and gullible head, who fights against the nimbleness of its facetious antagonist, the actor made the
miseries and misfortunes of his character thoroughly palpable. Portraying the nicety of KK Khosla with rigor and precision, the film was a humorous depiction of how innocence can transform into perspicacity when one is wronged.
2. A WEDNESDAY (2008)
A crackling and nerve-racking vigilante thriller, this film was another testimony to Anupam Kher’s versatility and chameleon-like persona. Essaying the role of Prakash Rathod, Commissioner of Mumbai Police, the actor delivered a fierce and puissant performance that impeccably complimented the performance of its other protagonist, an anonymous common-man disturbed and dispirited by the menace of terrorism. A Wednesday was powered by two extraordinary leading men that made this cinematic gem worthy of a classic.
1. SAARANSH (1984)
A lot has to be admired about an actor who portrays the role of a 60-year old retired man, at the age of 29. Saaransh marked the debut of Kher in Hindi Cinema. Distraught and Crestfallen over the death of their only son, a couple struggles to battle with the venal system. Bringing both heartache and vulnerability to his character, the actor cemented his position in Cinema as a force to reckon with right with his maiden feature film.
HONORABLE MENTIONSSpecial 26, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara, Baby, Daddy and Lamhe. 
Well, the list of his dazzling roles is eternal.
One can only hope that our birthday man shall continue to entertain and enthrall us with his brilliance and excellence as a performer.

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