Meri Pyaari Bindu Trailer Has A Fragrance of Freshness 1

It’s hard to guess how many boys have been trapped in choosing between their mothers and girlfriends. Mothers, the most clever and intelligent creation of the mankind, quickly sense if something is fishy, and one such mother is that of our hero. She knows her son isn’t going to his friend’s place to take notes but somewhere else. “Yeh do ring waali ke chakkar mein phasega ek din, “ she angrily claims.

To add to the poor guy’s woes, Bindu, the do ring waali ladki in question, informs his mother she met him for the first time in a dance bar. Shocked and Appalled, his parents are left speechless.

All in all, Bindu is certainly inviting a lot of trouble for Abhi in Chapter Four and it’s nothing but hilarious and totally relatable. Watch it right now and right here: