Shahid Kapoor has come a long way in the Hindi film industry. Splashing on the celluloid in 2003 with the musical hit, Ishq Vishk, he has indeed carved a niche for himself and established himself as one of the most galvanizing and compelling performers in cinema.

With the actor entering the glorious 36th year of his life today, let’s delve into some of his most memorable and marvelous films:

rangoon 2017 kangana ranaut

RANGOON (2017)

Collaborating for the third time with Vishal Bharadwaj, Kapoor delivered an affecting, absorbing performance and oozed sincerity in his role of Jamadar Nawab Malik.  Creating a perfect mix of patriotism and humor, he was unquestionably the biggest strength of Rangoon.


JAB WE MET (2007)

This Imtiaz Ali romantic drama was that one cinematic experience that put the actor back to the pedestal. Sinking his teeth into the character of Aditya Kashyap and meticulously portraying his nuances, Kapoor delivered a marvelously restrained and memorable performance that was indelibly embedded in our consciousness. A true blue posterity stuff, this.

Udta Punjab


Easily one of the most reckless and hazardous protagonists portrayed on the celluloid in recent memory, Tommy Singh was nightmarish, self-destructive and wildly unpredictable. Going for an unapologetically and unabashedly go-for-broke performance, he consolidated the fact that he deserves a lot more than what he already has.


KAMINEY (2009)

We have witnessed umpteen double-role comedies and action dramas on the silver screen. Some soared while some bored. KAMINEY, however, was the mother of all. Creating a unique blend of noir and humor, the first collaboration of Vishal Bharadwaj and Shahid Kapoor was nothing less than magic on the big screen. Tapping into the actor beneath the star, the film gave the actor a gargantuan opportunity to explore and expand his horizons. The world is yet to forget Charlie and Guddu.


HAIDER (2014)

Kapoor teamed up with his Scorsese for the second time in the Indian adaptation of Hamlet, a character so engraved in complexities and complications; its celluloid inspiration would trench anyone’s cold sweat. Hallelujah! You have the brilliance of Bharadwaj, the scintillation of Shahid, the idyllic Irrfan and the tenacious Tabu at your disposal. Juxtaposing the labyrinthine characters of Hamlet with the burning issues of the state of Kashmir, HAIDER can unquestionably be hailed as Shahid’s most explosive and nonpareil act. Also, don’t even make the crime of evaporating his iconic monolog from your consciousness.