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Visual learning in a trending digital world


Conducting a brain opener activity
at Unique Academy,
one of the school in Varanasi,
A beautiful city located at the
banks of holy River Ganga.
I found a very interesting way of
student visual learning environment there.
Apart from those theoretical knowledge and monotonous books this school has its own interesting way.

What they do is they take,
different themes every month.
Themes that explores the minds of students from which the students are found generally unaware or
are confused about.
So following the topic “Pollution” for the month of April’2017.

a trending word,
spreading Weed,
In our beautiful farms of environment.”

With a perfect set of guidance by the teachers the students took part in this activity of the month, by performing skits and giving speeches on causes and measures of pollution, their speeches explored the recent facts and findings whereas their skit has an own way of creativity.

The most can notating thing was that I found,
It was the students helping students to instill the basic knowledge they lack behind in such an organized manner.
I saw the students in a perfect learning environment.

Recognising and cherishing such type of Visual Learning in a trending digital world is a kudos I must say.
It still have its own ways and benefits
which no matter what will remain fruitful.

Decoration at school.

Student Enthusiastically participating in the skit. Spreading awareness on pollution.