Bahubali-The Conclusion achieved a historic feat just a few days ago. Today, in an industry obsessed with the 100 crore and the 200 crore club, Rajamouli’s magnum opus entered the 1000 crore club, hence smashing all previous records into smithereens.

But if you’re informed that despite this unattainable record, the film has suffered losses, what would your reaction be? Yes, that’s right, the menace of piracy has deeply affected this giant saga.

To control the situation, actor Vishal, who is also the newly elected president of Tamil Film Producers’ Council, has filed a police complaint against the piracy website Tamil Rockers for uploading pirated versions of the film.

A delegation of the producers’ council on Sunday met city police Commissioner Karan Singha seeking action against the people who run the ‘internet mafia’ in the name of Tamil Rockers.
The members of the council have said in the complaint that the producers of Baahubali 2 have incurred a ‘humongous’ loss because due to the piracy. They have requested the police to immediately take down the illegal websites showing pirated versions of the film and book the culprits behind the website in question.

In its complaint, the council said it had identified many websites where Baahubali 2 was available for illegal download “right now” and their corresponding IP addresses. Released on April 28, the producers’ body said it had received a complaint from the makers of the film.
We met the police commissioner on our complaint seeking action against piracy of Baahubali 2,” council president and actor Vishal told reporters after meeting Singha along with some of his colleagues in the producers body. He said information related to illegal uploading of the film online was provided in the Council’s May 4 complaint.
Not just internet piracy, the films in Tamil Nadu also face various challenges because of cable TV piracy. According to reports, there are no takers for satellite rights of about 300 films, including blockbusters like Kabali and Theri due to this reason. Vishal said the issue of broadcast of films by some local cable television operators was also brought to the notice of the police official.
Vishal and team won the recently held elections for the producers’ council on the promises of checking the issue of piracy, which is rampant in Tamil film industry. The pirated versions of Baahubali 2 were leaked online on the same day of its release on April 28. One of the film viewer user in Kuwait even allegedly live-streamed the film on his Facebook account.

However, these incidents did not stop the film from becoming one of the biggest hits in the history of Indian film industry.