The headline is pun intended. For anyone trying to know what that exactly means, it’s in reference to the new horror film Bollywood has made.

Although, credit must be given to the makers for putting it out in the trailer that it’s inspired by one of the scariest movies of all time, Oculus (2014). The movie in question is Dobaara, starring Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem, Adil Hussain and Lisa Ray in pivotal roles.

The trailer is almost 2 minutes and 20 seconds long but fails to engage you in any way, forget scare. Bollywood has never done justice to the genre which is immensely successful and admired in the West.

But as they say, Never Judge a book by its cover. We can rely on both Qureshi and Salim for some compelling performances and director Pravaal Raman knows a thing or two about sending a chill down our spine. So when the film releases on the 2nd of June, we would know whether this film can be watched Dobaara or not.

Till then, enjoy the trailer.