How many of us have been able to forget the bewitching and breathtaking experience of watching Bahubali-The Beginning?

It was a lavishly mounted film with some ambitious and stunning special effects.
Divided into two parts, Part one of SS Rajmouli‘s magnum opus is still searingly etched in our memories. After all, the world is longing to know for the last two years why Katappa killed Bahubali.
The mystery to all your questions will be unlocked on the 28th of April, 2017, when the World witnesses another marvel from the maverick filmmaker.
Bahubali 2 is Back with a Bigger Budget. Now comes the most anticipated and anxious part- The trailer. Multiple montages of grandiose war sequences and spectacular locales, this 2 minute and 21-second promo do not unravel anything about the plot.
What one can gather is that this large motion picture will be a thrilling tale of bloodshed, subterfuge and the lust for kingship.
Till then, be prepared to be mesmerized and enthralled by the beauty of the trailer.