Just when the world was ready to witness the mystery behind Bahubali’s death at the hands of Katappa, SS Rajmouli dropped a bomb on all his fans. The maverick filmmaker announced yesterday that his magnum opus had been postponed to the last week of June due to extensive work left on the post-production.

Now for all of those who are unaware, that happens to be the EID weekend, and who comes to the mind the moment you hear the name of this festival? No questions it’s Salman Khan.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the keenly anticipated and awaited Tubelight is all set to hit the screens in the last week of June, which means its Bahubali 2 v/s Tubelight this Eid.
If this happens, it would surely be the biggest box-office clash in the history of Hindi cinema.
Talking about the possibility of a face-off, Rajmouli said that Salman Khan is one of the biggest stars in the country and his films are bound to shatter box-office records, but I know my film will also find a huge audience.
Now all we can do is wait for June and witness thunders and cyclones at the ticket windows.
And before I end the article, I just wanted to say- HAPPY FOOLS’ DAY.
If you figured out, you’re a genius. If you didn’t, better luck next year.
Bahubali 2 is undoubtedly arriving on theĀ 28th April, and we all can’t wait to witness the grandeur and unparalleled vision of the entire team.