Mohit Suri definitely has a meticulous eye for music. Even when his films fail to strike a chord, the soundtrack always succeeds in haunting you for a very long time. Too early to talk about his new film, Half Girlfriend, but the first song, Baarish, that just released on the internet, is a soothing melody. There’s only one small problem, we have seen all of this before.

The song begins with our protagonist, Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor), looking for his hostel’s room number in St.Stephen’s College, Delhi, but also doesn’t forget to check the roll no. of the girl he has a massive crush on. The girl here is Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor), who’s introduced in fully filmy fashion, the slow-motion walk. As soon as she appears on the screen, it begins to rain and she is obviously bewitched. She goes out and savors this mesmerizing moment, and the hero can’t take his eyes off her.

It’s a montage we have seen umpteen times before. During the course of the song, we’re informed that our hero-heroine are basketball champs and the latter is filthy rich.

So we have yet another love story of a poor boy and a prosperous girl, but the melody of Baarish somehow camouflages the cliches the film seems to be saddled with.

But as they say, cliches done convincingly is Half the battle won.