Can India Become Big Daddy?

The Baap-Beta (India-Pakistan) jokes on twitter might be getting a bit too stale now, but the fact remains;

For many cricketing fans this one is the father of all matches.

India vs. Pakistan, Champions Trophy 2017
A fun filled Father’s day outing!

India vs. Pakistan!

The ICC Champions Trophy hosts another competition the two sides that have the most exhilarating rivalry in cricketing history.

Yes, take that Ashes!

India and Pakistan have already faced off once in the group stages;

Something that has become a regular for them at the big world ICC tournaments, ever since fans were refused the sight of any bilateral series between both sides.

ICC has been in a puzzle, ever since India and Pakistan have refused in many forms and fashions to play off each other.

Thus the forced push to have them “randomly” collide in group matches, provides that elusive and lucrative match.

Despite the exciting prospect of a final face off and Pakistan’s unpredictability on field, one factor remains between the two sides;

India vs. Pakistan, ICC World T20 2007
Aakhir Baap toh Baap hota hai!

India have never lost to Pakistan in any world tournament, this is especially harrowing for the men in green when we consider the volume of matches in past few years.

Pakistan who came into the tournament, a shocking number 8 below Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh;

Have honestly had a topsy-turvy tournament, but as the X Factor have provided excitement unlike any other.

They managed to sneak past Sri-Lanka while choking out a heavily favored England to make their case.

It’s fitting after all that they face the Men in Blue.

They and Pakistan are the only side in the tournament to defeat world No. 1 ranked; South Africa.

The two Asian giants collide for the 12th time in a tournament match.

While the fact that India have an 11-0 record is no joke, this is however against Pakistan sides that have often looked like equals to their so called;

India vs. Pakistan, ICC World Cup 2011
India have gone onto win the Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup and ODI World Cup by defeating Pakistan in each tournament win!


However what does that say for a weak Pakistan outfit?

Well, it might have seemed like a cake walk to the finals for India, against Bangladesh.

But with this Pakistani side, we must admit;

The wounded Tiger is often more dangerous than the Mighty Lion.

Can Pakistan pull of a shocking upset?

Or India due to prove they are champions for a reason?

We shall find out tomorrow, on Fathers day!