Amazon Prime will premier original Indian content from next month on their streaming services.

Their latest exciting product gets a trailer, tomorrow;

Inside Edge poster
Inside Edge will take a scathing look at the IPL

Inside Edge, produced by Farhan Akhtar and Riteish Sidhwani’s Excel Entertainment is ready to take the cricketing world by storm.

The teaser from a few weeks ago, presents the series as a semi-fictional exposure of the IPL and players involved.

It is just the start Amazon Prime needs and is just one of the few original Indian series the streaming service is releasing.

Ever since the advent of streaming services and popularity of it in India;

It has been building its base to explode with content that can rival not only local competitors such as Hotstar but also the international juggernaut;


Amazon Prime Video Interface
Netflix and Amazon have a lot to offer Indian audiences, the next step is curating original content on and for the country

Amazon Prime is looking to up their reach around the world and India is set to be their second biggest market, with 18 original series announced and in different stages of development.

While Netflix slowly grows its user base, after initial setbacks.

In its initial foray it announced a collaboration with Phantom Films and Anurag Kashyap.

Unfortunately talks of that have cooled down.

The big news though for Amazon Prime is the talent pool they are in collaboration with, in their quest to change Indian viewing habits.

Kabir Khan at Amazon Prime Video launch
Looking beyond the Stars, Silver Screen and Salman; Kabir Khan is to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video on a show based on the INA

Rumor is that the star of Inside Edge is Vivek Oberoi.

Meanwhile other content is being developed by Kabir Khan [fame Bajrangi Bhaijaan] to even comedy sketch group AIB.

As such talents ranging from Anurag Kashyap to Zoya Akhtar to Ram Madhvani are looking at Amazon’s streaming service as greener pastures;

The online titan will provide creative freedom in long format storytelling to filmmakers;

Stifled by commercial expectations and the failing quality of Indian TV.

Therefore, Amazon Prime’s foray into the long story format market will create hopefully a second option.

Yet it might not cause an upheaval of the TRP obsessed TV markets.

God knows that Indian Television has failed to soar to the highs of quality content since Doordarshan.

Therefore a savior has come in the form of Amazon Prime.

Due to this, for a cricket obsessed country;

Inside Edge is just the right beginning.

Inside Edge will begin live streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from July 10th!