Akshay Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, and Subhash Kapoor announced the news of their collaboration this morning with a film titled Mogul. Touted to be a biopic on the Emperor of Music, Gulshan Kumar, the film will trace the rise and rise of the maestro and the foundation of the biggest music company in India, T-Series.

Associated with the brainiac ever since his debut film, Saugandh (1991), there couldn’t have been a better choice than Kumar to create a fictional yet veristic figure of the man who revolutionized the world of compositions in the 1990’s. With the actor’s silhouette in the first poster, it has hit all the right chords with the viewers.
Kapoor, who’ll be directing this ambitious film and reuniting with Kumar after Jolly LLB 2, is slated to have received the opportunity to helm the biopic. Ask him about his reaction, and he says that he always wanted to make a film on the unique and unparalleled life of Gulshan Kumar and here he is, all set to go behind the lenses and capture his exceptional journey in his camera.
All set to release in 2018, this could be another feather in Akshay Kumar’s cap.