“Women, ever since the dawn of cinema, have been portrayed on the celluloid, only for the gratification of the carnal appetite”.
-Mahesh Bhatt 
We, as one of the largest movie viewing nations, are perpetually satiating for sex. Not many people are courageous or blunt about accepting this fact. Most of the gratification actually happens beneath the sheets and particularly post midnight.

Sex has been an integral part of Hindi Cinema ever since the early 1970’s. Sometimes subtle, sometimes bordering on voyeurism, it still continues to electrify the silver screen and set the cash registers ringing at the box-office.
 So here’s a list of the most titillating and arousing sex scenes of Hindi cinema in the last decade or so.

alone bollywood horror 2015 bipasha-basu

5. ALONE (2015)

Karan Singh Grover is sleeping peacefully on the bed, suddenly he wakes up to his hands tied with the bed and Bipasha Basu atop, slowly and gradually moving towards him and delivering a passionate smooch. After the liplock, she takes off her top, with the camera lingering on her backless body. It may not be the finest scene of ours, but unquestionably worth a watch.

Hate story

4. HATE STORY (2012)

Before the release of the film, Paoli Dam, the film’s protagonist, stated in an interview that she had no qualms and inhibitions about being naked in front of the camera. Even if the film was a damp squib, the lady in question delivered enough bang for your bucks with her countless sex scenes. A scene where she goes completely wild and takes off all her clothes was enough to send you to your respective washrooms. If you must, watch strictly for this  one particular scene, it doesn’t disappoint, even when the film sucks.


3. ISHQIYA (2010)

Vidya Balan has just come out of the bathroom after taking a bath. Arshad Warsi is standing at the door with a flower in his hand and wearing something so bizarre, it could put GOVINDA to shame. Suddenly, he grabs her and pushes her towards the wall, with both of them staring each other before going for the kiss. Arguably one of the lustiest kisses and sex scenes in recent times, Balan showed she’s as effortless and unapologetic in sex as she’s in acting.

ragini mms 2

2. RAGINI MMS 2 (2014)

A perfect cocktail of sex and horror, as the makers called it HORREX, Ragini MMS 2 had Sunny Leone as its central character. With not one, not two but as many as 4 gratifying and titillating sex scenes, it could be best described as what they call PAISA VASOOL. In one of the film’s deleted scenes, Sunny climbs on Parveen Dabbas, sticks out her tongue and starts to lick him from top to bottom. In another scene, she unabashedly goes and puts a smooch on Sandhya Mridul’s lips. Got excited ? Now go and watch the film.



1. MURDER (2004)

Considered to be the pioneer of erotica and boldness in Hindi cinema, Mahesh Bhatt shattered all the barriers and shackles while making this film. Inspired by the Hollywood film, Unfaithful, Murder was an explosive and highly controversial film, that shocked and surprised the audiences in equal measure.
Both Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi were permanently naked almost in the entire film and gave each other as many as 12 smooches. The scene where Hashmi is passionately taking of Sherawat’s clothes is enough for your bladder. Murder is the kind of film which can be described as NO HOLDS BARRED.