There are two kinds of films that are made in India, first ones that have ultra-glamorous songs, gratuitous item numbers and no story at all. The second ones that do immensely well at the box-office,despite complete absence of unnecessary tracks.

Having already discussed the former category,it’s time to discover and discuss films that had great storyline, superlative performances and did extremely well, without seeking help from a chartbuster music.

baby 2015

 5. BABY (2015)

This nerve-racking thriller was one helluva ride. Crisp,fast-paced and never failing pray to jingoism to rouse the audience,Baby was a fine example of how a film could connect to the viewers,without indulging in unreasonable musical tunes.

Drishyam 2015

4. DRISHYAM (2015)

Remake of a Malayalam film of the same name,Drishyam marked the return of Ajay Devgn to solid ground. The intensity and robustness that were missing in his performances,thanks to the addiction of the 100 CRORE club, he delivered a rock-solid act and the film was hugely successful in the Hindi language as well. And mind you-there’s not a single romantic interlude or a voyeuristic item number in it.

Shahid Movie

3. SHAHID (2013)

A far cry from the banal court room melodrama that Hindi cinema has always indulged in,Shahid was one of the most realistic and rousing films of all time. The courtroom scenes made you feel as you were witnessing everything before your eyes. If the director wanted,he could’ve inserted as many item numbers as he wanted,but he chose to focus more on the story than the songs.

Kahaani 2012

2. KAHAANI (2012)

Just after the musical blockbuster ,The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan entered into a completely different world. A world of noir,darkness and grey shades. A brilliant portrayal of a woman’s journey to avenge her husband’s death against the backdrop of the city of kolkatta,Kahaani emerged as one of most successful female-oriented films,as you may have guessed,it was a film that had suspense sans songs.

A Wednesday

1. A WEDNESDAY (2008)

Possibly the finest vigilante film ever made,Neeraj Pandey shone and scintillated with his maiden film itself. With 2 of the most powerful performers of Hindi cinema,Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher in the lead,who needs item songs and romantic tunes?