India’s daughter received peace while the accused being sentenced to death.Justice left no chance of full fledge bias behavior by showing colours of goodness and righteousness.

“….on a running bus way back on the deadly night of 16th December’2012 a girl name jyoti was been molested brutally by few drunk men, their greediness outraged when the news sparked of their activity of putting a rod inside the girl’s private part…leaving all of us goosed…”

This incident took the coverage of every new channels for days during that time.
Keeping in mind Jyoti’s struggles and bravery to fight for her lifeLately the case been titled as “Nirbhaya”, a name given to the girl which mean “without any fear”.

Days passed and years went Jyoti’s mother and father fought to bringjustice to her only child.Even the citizens joined them.After of almost 5 years or 1600 days,of the case, here we are,providing justice to the daughter of india “Nirbhaya”.

My words aren’t ending here, my mind is quenching with so many questions, like,
Is this the end??
Death for death?
Ashes for ashes? Is that all??
Up till when?
What I feel, there is an ardent need to change the mentality of our society where human are treated like human, unlike gender caste or creed.
The need is of a family, where upbringing of a daughter is done equal to their son in every sense,
where daughter’s are treated as equal as their son’s, where daughter in-laws are treated as equal as son’s or vice versa.Where not only men , women’s too take responsibility of the family financially.Most of all women’s do what they wish.Sorry!!But I’m ain’t being feminist in my blog ,I’m a human who’s simply questioning humanity.I’m a human, I repeat.

I think ,the change is yet hung in the hangman’s noose.The complete justice will come when Nirbhaya sister’s walk over the roads in night and goes back home safely.I think there’s a lot more to come,as beast lurks in every hooks
and corner of this world.So we better work on the roots, and change the mentality.

Justice followed deed,
428 page order ,
Nirbhaya rests in peace.