Humanity is still alive in the ruthless lives, has been proved once again by the External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj, Despite the tension on the border on LoC, Pakistani four month old infant, who has come to India for his treatment, who has a hole in heart and will undergo a treatment in Noida at Jaypee Hospital after a help from the ministry.

According to reports, Rohaan, who has a hole in his heart, was referred to the multi-speciality hospital for treatment. However, in the backdrop of cross-border tension between India and Pakistan, his parents were unable to get medical visa for their child’s treatment in India.

Rohaan’s Father had made plea for his treatment in India owing to lack of facilities in Pakistan, upon receiving the request, she immediately directed the authorities to issue medical visa to Roshan’s Family. Sushma Swaraj swung into action and replied in a tweet, “No. The child will not suffer. Pleases contact Indian High Commission in Pakistan. We will give the medical visa.”

“Rohaan has a hole in the heart along with a condition called D-TRANSPOSITION OF GREAT ARTERIES. In this condition, the heart and lung nerves come from the opposite direction and there will be a flow of no oxygen-rich blood in the body.
Due to the same, there would be a complication in breathing from first month onward, hence the child starts breathing heavily.

The Weight of the child does not increase and due to repeated pneumonia, the chances of survival become less. The most important thing is that the disease should be treated soon enough because after 8 months the disease becomes untreatable and the chances of death increases,” Dr Ashutosh eminent Pediatric, quoted as saying to Indiatimes.