4 Beautiful Bikini Bodies of Bollywood 4

Mahesh Bhatt once stated that women, since the dawn of cinema, have been portrayed on the celluloid to gratify the carnal appetite.

What once started in the early 1970’s as a fashion trend, slowly and gradually turned into rage.Yes, we are speaking about Hindi Cinema’s fascination for depicting its female actors in Bikinis.

There are way too many names that can be discussed, but we will stick to only five of them. So here’s a list of FOUR Sexiest Bikini looks of our Beautiful and Bold Bollywood babes in the last decade.

4 Beautiful Bikini Bodies of Bollywood 1


She always had the curves and the charisma to pull off a bikini. A blend of perfect body, attitude, and confidence, Kapoor shone in an otherwise dismal and disappointing film. To be fair, her bikini shot was the only bright spot in the entire picture.

4 Beautiful Bikini Bodies of Bollywood 3


This was her maiden tryst with such a two-piece shot. Donning a pink bikini, her look was received with extremely polarized reactions and reviews. Confessing in one of her interviews, Kapoor stated she never really had a bikini body, she was fat and had cellulite. Despite her imperfections and inhibitions, she was courageous enough to give it a try, and I adored her body. Hope she gives it a try one again.

4 Beautiful Bikini Bodies of Bollywood 2


She always had the looks and the body to carry off a bikini. With Baar Baar Dekho, the actor’s smoldering and scorching persona set the screen ablaze. Effortlessly making off with a swimsuit cum bikini, she could set the entire sea on fire. What Kaif could not deliver regarding her performance, she compensated with her drop-dead gorgeous persona. Let’s see what she has to offer us in the future.



The fact that she was a Kingfisher model for a considerable portion of her life, captivating the screen with her breathtaking looks and exceptional body came naturally to this leggy lass. Too unfortunate the camera did not focus on her bootylicious body for long. After such a stellar look in Cocktail, one cannot wait for her to slip into a bikini once again.