The trailer of Begum Jaan just released on the internet, and it was enough to send a chill down your spine. With as many as 11 female protagonists in the film, expect a powerful and poignant motion picture on the 14th of April.

Dealing with the direful partition, it narrates the tale of the sex workers who battle for their righteousness, when forced to evacuate their brothel. Here are the highlights of the film’s trailer.


Begum Jaan offers us a palette of exciting and exemplary characters. From Gauhar Khan to Pallavi Sharda to Ashish Vidyarthi, it has the proficiency in striking all the right chords with some galvanizing performances. The surprise package here is Chunky Pandey. Bald, bearded and baleful, his character seems to be the scariest and sinister.


Partition is a catastrophe that will continue to haunt both India and Pakistan. Hindi Cinema has portrayed the event with both triumphant and tragic results. No filmmaker, however, had the courage to essay the same against the backdrop of sex workers and their unusual lives. With battle lines drawn between the whores and the minions of the British, the film would truly be an intense and gratifying cinematic experience.


Vidya Balan is unquestionably the bravest and boldest performer in Hindi cinema today who has never feared to explore and expand her horizons as an actor. Unapologetic about her profession and unyielding about her honor,  Balan creates a fierce and frightening character out of Begum Jaan. It will not be astonishing if this film too gets searingly etched in our memories, just like her foregoing performances.