You’re miserable, edgy and tired. You’re in the perfect mood for journalism.

Warren Ellis’ quote immaculately chronicles the mood of our protagonist,

Based on Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz‘s novel Karachi, You’re Killing Me! , the film narrates the tale of a journalist and her endless endeavors in the world of media.
Here are the Three Major Highlights from the film’s trailer.


A bodacious bunch of actors can effortlessly elevate the film from being ordinary and forgettable, that’s exactly where Noor promises to score. With a unique ensemble of Shibani Dandekar, Kanan Gill, Poorab Kohli and Manish Chaudhary, expect some crackling performances.


We’ve had umpteen female actors portraying the role of a journalist on the celluloid, but Noor seems to be quite an oddball character. Bored of her mundane and lackluster life, she decides to undergo a major physical transformation from a nerd to a hottie. But there’s more to her persona. As the trailer depicts, an incident forces her to reorient her options and she experiences an emotional metamorphosis. Wait till the 21st of April to witness what lies beneath.


Sonakshi Sinha, known for mostly staring in high-octane action potboilers and playing a damsel-in-distress, is a revelation in the trailer of Noor. It’s so refreshing to see her in such a delightfully fleshed out character that she wins you the moment she’s on the screen. Noor is basically a cinematic representation of what most of the working people in the real word are. For the first time since Lootera, she has proven she can sink her teeth into the character if provided with a galvanizing role.