How often do you see a film that not only jolts you but also forces you to ponder on the issues our nation is grappling with? How many times did you want to take the matters into your own hands and fight the menaces of the society after seeking inspiration from a feature film? NH10 is one such film that not only portrays how to fearlessly fight any obstacle that comes your way but also what can we do when we see someone in a deep trouble.

Set in Gurgaon, the film depicts the life of a couple, Arjun and Meera and how their lives turn topsy turvy after they stop at a Dhaba for dinner. The couple observes a girl being kidnapped by a hoodlum( Darshan Kumar). Arjun tires to intervene unaware of the danger lurking ahead. What follows next is a violent and reckless journey of Meera and Arjun and how they are trapped in a web of lies, deceit, murders and corrupt system.
Navdeep Singh, who gave  us the unfairly overlooked but brimming with brilliance, Manorma-Six Feet Under, returns after a hiatus of almost 8 years and that too with solid ground. NH10 sucks you in its drama and characters from the word go. It takes you by the gut and chokes you with one too many lump in your throat moments.
And as no film as dark and dramatic as NH10 can be complete without some powerful performances, it ticks all the right boxes.
Darshan Kumar as the antagonist is marvelously menacing in the role of a hoodlum. His voice and body language perfectly compliment his performance.
Neil Bhooplam as Arjun strikes all the right notes and delivers a satisfying act.
It’s Anushka Sharma, who springs a delightful surprise.
From blithe spirited and insouciant to unkempt and disheveled, her character has major transformations and she ably takes care of them, sinking her teeth into the character and making Meera someone you want to care for.
You empathize with her when she’s dejected and depressed, console her when she loses a near and dear one and illicit cat calls and wolf whistles when she single handedly vanquishes a bunch of hoodlums in the climax and proves a woman can go to any length for justice, Hell hath no fury than a woman angry…
This is a brutally honest film that shouldn’t be missed.
P.S- Not for the faint hearted.